School Counsellor
Supporting students to maintain good mental health at all times is another key area that our school treats with paramount importance. Mental well-being is critical in developing confident young learners who are also comfortable in asking for help. REPS is proud to offer a Student Affairs and School Counsellor to assist all of our amazing students, parents and guardians to achieve their goals and promote good quality of life and well-being at all times. A healthy mind leads to higher levels of success and fulfillment in all things. Our caring Student Affairs and School Counsellor is available anytime to ensure our students maintain a healthy state of mind.
Students, I am here to help you with:
  • Adjusting to a new school, friends and teachers
  • Managing difficult emotions such as stress, sadness, anger and anxiety
  • Dealing with peer communications, friendships and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Setting goals and planning for your future
Parents, I am available to provide you with:
  • Exploring ways to help your child succeed
  • Understanding the developmental changes of childhood and adolescence
  • How to manage your child’s behaviour
  • Improving parent-child communication
​Schedule a time to talk to me through or book at the Front Admissions Office. I am always very happy to help with anything you would like to talk about.